Online Store Opening

<p>The Kim Lake Collection. Detailed designed custom color blends made to order. After years of manufacturing my own hair because no company out there ever had the perfect color match, I am now sharing it with others. </p>

<p>There are a limited amout of designs available right now but more will be coming soon. You can always contact us by phone or email to request an order.</p>

<p>These hair extensions are the highest quality of their kind.  They are manufactured in the USA with imported materials. They will match up to or top any well known top brand out there available. The reason I know this is because I am certified in those very brands. What makes these Hair Extensions any different is that I am offering  a far more advanced system of color and design to make it easier for hair extension artists to achieve their desired look. I offer more solutions for multiple colored highlights and different levels of ombre or balayage color.  I also offer Russian Hair, which is very luxurious and finer than the standard Indian or Asian hair and more suitiple for very fine and thin hair. </p>

<p>The hope is to make it easier for hairdressers to match colors and be able to offer their clients something they can not get elsewhere.  </p>