Why are Kim Lake Hair Extensions the best hair available?

We only source the very best quality hair in the world. It is virgin cuticle, not chemically treated to remove the cuticle. The hair is double drawn and cuticle correct. This means that all the hair is the same length and not tapered with shorter pieces though out. We source from several different places in the world to provide a variety of textures for a diverse clientele.  Our pallett of colors reflect detailed hugh transitions that match natural accuring hair color. We have popular blends and we can also customize color so it will match perfectly for any client, with as much as 2 to 4 colors within each bond, and ombre options as well. Our bonding material is sourced from Italy. Our thermoplastic polymer or "keratin" is of the highest quality. It is long lasting, invisible, strong holding, can be used with hot or cold fusion as well as micro beads, and can be customized.