How To Make A Custom Order

Email pictures of the color and design you would like your hair extension set to look like.

Send pictures of the hair you are adding extensions to.


Mail us sample of the hair to match the color with.

If you can mail in a sample to our facilities we will create a color that will match to your clients hair. What we do is find all the hues in your clients hair. Hair may have 2 to 4 colors within each strand. This gives you a more natural color than only alternating differrent colors. 

There is no need to compromize the color you want when getting extensions with precise color blended hair extensions.

We can modify a design based on the designs from this site.

There are color combinations not listed on the site.

Decide what colors are in the hair extension patron's hair.

Find the base color. Then find the highted colors. Examine the color at the base and the color on the ends.

Decide what colors of hair extension you would like in your patron's hair.

Know your base colors. Know your end colors. Decide if you want to length to fade into more lightened ends.

How to determine what your colors are.

Only orders made by licenced professionals are guaranteed. Determined colors based on any hair extension ring. Colors are fairly universal between companies. Use a hair color swatch book if you do not have one.

Hair extensions bonds

Our default tip are flat and designed for fusion. We can also create i-tipped extension bonds in different thicknesses for use with micro rings and can be reused.

E-mail inquiries for Custom Orders at:

Matching Hair Extensions to the Perfect Color

How color match hair extensions perfectly

How color match hair extensions perfectly


How color match hair extensions perfectly